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Azula is a Multidisciplinary Artist with a diverse range of skills in Dance, Theatre, Music and more. Trained in a variety of different Arts fields, there was never just "one place" for them. Originally born in South Africa, Azula is heavily inspired by the African and Black Diasporas which is reflected in their movement style and way of life. As well as being a multitalented individual, Azula has proven themselves to be a successful business person managing their own businesses a long side their career. They started Bounce with Bandit (FKA Soca-to-Me) in 2017, holding a long time commitment to serving women empowerment through movement to Women and Non-Binary people of Newcastle; Jus Afro which was started in 2020 a platform for conversation and celebration of Afro and Black Arts as well as having plans to venture to new business avenues in the near future. Since finishing their vocational training, Azula has traveled to various parts of the world training, performing their Artistry and developing their skills. With versatility Azula is known to frequently make appearances in various projects amongst an array of different Artist doing something totally different to what you may have them do in the past with ease. Anything is possible.



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